July 20, 2017

To Rev. J. W. Van Kirk, the designer of the World Peace Flag

O thou respected truth seeker!

Thy letter was received. It reflected the sentiment of the oneness of the world of humanity. The flag that thou hast forwarded was in reality the foreshadowing symbol of Universal Peace. Today all the nations of the world are animated with a warlike spirit and the governments of the world are filling their military storehouses, inventing infernal machines and perfecting their man killing engines; so that their martial powers may preponderate each other; especially the Continent of Europe has become an arsenal of combustible materials. It needs only one tiny spark to set that hell into a worldwide explosion. It will be then such a titanic conflagration that its lurid flames shall blazen all the horizons. Hence the 'Anthem of Universal Peace' has still no charm in their ears. Their universally accepted political axioms are that the greatness and prosperity of a nation depends on her military and naval powers. The more elaborate these preparations, the better protected and secured the wellbeing and happiness of that government and nation. The kings and rulers of the world are not yet ready to acknowledge that Universal Peace is conducive to the life of the world of humanity. In a similar strain the nobles, the demagogues and those in authority find their glory and reputation in naval and military preparedness.

Consequently it is impossible that 'economic contentment' be realized by the people of the world save through the transforming Power of Faith. For Faith is the solver of every problem. Therefore you must strive to strengthen the foundation of the Religion of God. Through the Power of the Religion of God every difficulty will be disentangled. The Power of the Religion of God will humble the kings and set at naught the crooked motives of those who are in supreme authority. Then endeavor ye, that the Power of True Religion which breathes the Spirit of Life into the dead body of the world of humanity, may be promulgated. This is the antidote for the poisoned body of the world and a quick healing remedy for the rancorous disease of man. For this reason diffuse thou as much as thou art able the sweet Fragrance of the Holy Spirit, teach the people the Divine advice and exhortations and spread far and wide the heavenly Teachings…
- ‘Abdu’l-Baha  (Star of the West, vol. 5, no. 12, October 16, 1914)