May 20, 2016

To the Friends in Stuttgart

Frau Maria Schweizer; Frl. Margarethe Doring; Frl. Louise Warnke; Frl. Julie Stabler;  Herrn Friedrich Schweizer; Frau Henrietta Kusterer;  Frl. Anna Kostlin;  Frau Anna Seifert; Frau Sofia Stabler;  Alma S. Knobloch;  Herrn Emil Ruoff and son Erwin

Upon them be the Glory of the Most Glorious!

He is God!

O friends and maidservants of the Merciful!

Thanks be to God! that you have been gathered together and celebrated the birthday of the Báb with much joy and amity and were engaged in remembering God.

From the rose-garden of that meeting a beautiful fragrance has reached to the nostrils of these friends; and the light of God's love hath shone; therefore, it was a cause of delighting the hearts of these friends.  I ask God, by His infinite mercy, that such meetings may be held often.

Likewise, that the entertainment every nineteen days may become current among you; so that the friends and maidservants of the Merciful may be engaged in praising and remembering God and singing to Him, and may become the cause of guiding the people.

Upon you all be the Glory of the Most Glorious!

(Signed) 'Abdu'l-Bahá Abbas
(Star of the West, vol. 2, no. 17, January 19, 1912)