January 23, 2016

To Mr. C. C. Philips, Secretary of the Mohonk Conference on International Arbitration

Through Mírzá Ahmad Sohráb, to his honor Mr. C. C. Philips, the Secretary of the Mohonk Conference on' International Arbitration.

He is God!

O thou perfect man!

The Conference on International Arbitration and Peace is the greatest results of this great age. This brilliant century has no likeness and similitude in the history of man. From every standpoint it is distinguished above all other centuries. It is specialized with such excellencies that the shining star of the heavenly confirmations shall gleam from the horizon of this century upon all the future cycles and periods. One of the most extraordinary events of this time, which indeed is a miracle, is the founding of the oneness of this realm of humanity and its essential branches, such as Universal Peace and the unity of the different nations, in this arena of existence.

Persia was at one time the centre of religious difference, antagonism and oppression, to such an extent that pen is unable to describe. The adherents of different nations and religions considered it their religious duty to shed the blood of their opponents; they pillaged and ransacked each other's property and did not fall short of oppressing their own flesh and blood. The hatred between the various religions attained to such a height that they considered each other unclean. Should a Jew enter a Muslim home, he would be made to sit upon the ground; if he drank water from a cup, that cup was destroyed or washed again and again; for the Jew was considered unclean. Such was the hatred and rancor among the different religions and nations in Persia.

About sixty years ago His Highness Bahá'u'lláh through the Heavenly Power proclaimed the oneness of the Kingdom of man in that country and addressing the concourse of humanity said:  "O ye people!  Ye are all the fruits of one tree and the leaves of one branch!"

About fifty years ago in the Book of Aqdas, He commanded the people to establish the Universal Peace and summoned all the nations to the Divine Banquet of International Arbitration so that the questions of boundaries, of national honor and property, and of vital interests between nations might be decided by an arbitral court of justice; and that no nation would dare to refuse to abide by their decisions.  If any quarrel arise between two nations it must be adjudicated by this international court and be arbitrated and decided upon like the judgment rendered by the judge between individuals.  If at any time any nation dares to break such a treaty all the other nations must arise to put down this rebellion.

Bahá'u'lláh has clearly stated that this Universal Peace is the cause of the tranquillity of the realm of creation.  Now as the International Conference on Arbitration is organized in America and as this problem is a branch which will ultimately bring about the unity of the world, therefore we remember you with the utmost respect, that praise be to God you have arisen to perform such a universal service.  God willing, that Conference will progress day by day and will bring about all-embracing results and will establish reconciliation and universal love between the different nations, races and peoples of this world.

I beg of you to accept the expressions of my highest consideration.

(Signed) 'Abdu'l-Bahá Abbas
(Star of the West, vol. 2, no. 15, December 12, 1911)