December 6, 2015

To Muhammad Ali Khán, Tihrán, Persia

He is God!

O thou intimate companion!

The flame of reformation is ignited in the heart and soul of Persia and the spirit of every real reformer is longing for better conditions. For Persia is sick and is suffering with intense agony. But the children of the East are abiding under the shade of the banner of discord and are completely heedless and veiled Now, what remedy can be applied! The sick Persia is flying away from the physician; nay, rather that thirsty one is depriving himself of the sea of the salubrious water of health. Therefore, this exiled one has found no other alternative than to turn his face towards the West and raise the melody of the Kingdom; for to a certain degree the insight of the people in those parts is open and they are familiar and associate with reason and understanding. When Joseph found that his envious brothers and his jealous relations and friends were heedless and unmindful, he unveiled his face in the market of the Egyptians, so that in exile he might destroy the foundation of strangeness and raise the banner of unity. Therefore, it is the aim of this exiled one, that, God willing, he may become the Herald and carry the glad tidings of the Kingdom to the empires of the West. Perchance the splendour of the Beauty of the real Joseph - the Most Great Name - may my life be a sacrifice to Him - may shine from the countries of the Occident; and I beg of God that the glances of mercifulness may assist.

I hope that the bounties of the True One may become realized in thee, but it is conditional upon thy serving the Real Master and living in accord with the manners and behaviour of the real Bahá'ís and showing the utmost sincerity and beauty of intention.

Upon thee be the Glory of God!

(Signed) 'Abdu'l-Bahá Abbas
(Star of the West, vol. 2, no.10, September 8, 1911)