August 23, 2015

Mission of a Baha’i

Thy mission in America for the present is this: Thou must travel as far as possible to every part and pass through cities and towns, summoning everyone to the Beauty of Abha, raising the Call of the Kingdom and proclaiming at the top of thy voice:

"A hundred thousand glad-tidings be upon ye that the Sun of the Reality of the Beauty of Abha hath shone forth from the Horizon of the Contingent Being and hath illumined the regions with the lights of the Most Great Guidance. The realities of the Old Testament and the Gospel are already fulfilled and the Mysteries of the Heavenly Books have become manifest. This is the century of the Merciful One and the Period of Joy and Gladness. O ye heedless ones, become mindful! O ye sleeping ones, be awakened! O ye blind ones, become seeing! O ye deaf ones, become hearing! O ye dumb ones, become speakers! O ye dead ones, become living! O ye deprived ones, take a portion! This is the effulgence of the Merciful and the moving of the Depthless Sea. This is the outpouring of the wonderful and new springtime and the falling of the showers of the Bounty of the Most Great Lord!"

This is thy mission.

(Signed) 'Abdu'l-Bahá Abbas
(Star of the West, vol. 2, no. 6, June 24, 1911)