March 15, 2014

"To the Members of the Spiritual Assembly of Isfahan, Persia"

Upon them be the Glory of God the Most Glorious! 

He Is God! 

O ye illumined Friends of ‘Abdu’l-Baha!

Praise be to God, that you have organized and established a new assembly in the land of Isfahan and with the utmost devotion its members are arising to serve the Blessed Perfection (Baha’u’llah). I was pleased to know, also, that you have organized a committee for correspondence with all parts of the world, and another committee to teach the Truth to the youths. Wonderful confirmation and complete assistance is destined for all the members of these various committees. This move is identical with blessing and this glorious intention is accepted in the Threshold of Oneness. It is my hope that you may perform these services in a befitting manner; that you may become the dawning-places of the Bounties of the Infinite; centers of merciful feelings and the manifestors of the rays of the Everlasting Glory.

I trust that you may make the land of Isfahan a salubrious fountain, so that the cool water of knowledge and the flowing river of assurance may make that region the envy of the green garden of Paradise. That city was illumined with the presence of His Highness, the Bab, after He left Shiraz; the Word of God was promulgated; many blessed souls became believers; a number of them hastened toward the arena of martyrdom; his highness, the leader of the righteous ones, the "King of the Martyrs," and the master of the friends, the "Beloved of Martyrs," gave up their lives at the altar of love. His Highness, Ashraf, and many other martyrs drank the cup of trials and sacrificed their lives with the utmost severance. Therefore, it is the hope of ‘Abdu’l-Baha that that region may become the Green Garden and that city the delectable Paradise. 

Upon ye be the Glory of God 

(Signed) ‘Abdu’l-Baha Abbas
(Star of the West vol. 1, no. 14, November 23, 1910)