November 10, 2013

To "the Beloved of God in Tihran, Persia"

He Is God

O ye Beloved Friends of ‘Abdu’l-Baha!

Today the most important affair is delivering the Cause of God and spreading the fragrances of God. The duty of every soul among the believers of God is that he must rest neither day nor night, and with every breath think of the diffusion of the fragrances of Truth. That is, he must endeavor as far as lies in his power to quicken and guide a soul to the Path of Immortality, for this service of his will be perpetuated throughout centuries and cycles.

The power of the faith of the first guide will be transmitted, find continuation and become manifest in the lives of other believers, until one sanctified soul will become the cause of quickening a hundred thousand souls. Consider how important this is, for the guidance of one soul is greater than the sovereignty of a kingdom. The temporal dominion is ended in a few days and no effect or result, no rejoicing or happiness, no beatitude or praise and no name or fame is produced thereby. But this sovereignty which consists in the guidance of the souls is eternal and everlasting. It embraces the Divine Beloved and it establishes man upon the throne of grandeur. Therefore, Spiritual Assemblies must be established in all the cities and their aims must be the guidance of the souls.

Likewise some teachers must be sent to various parts and in every direction, for the sake of diffusing the fragrances of God, so that they may direct the seekers to the Divine Path; even the coming and going of the friends is beneficial. For instance, the friends who live in the smaller cities often do not receive any news, and then only at random. Now if certain souls arise to travel through these places, give the Glad-tidings of God, stay in every place a night or two, deliver the news of the Holy Land and other countries and cities of the East and West, and associate with them with the utmost love, enthusiasm and happiness, this will be conducive to attraction and enkindlement, the people will be trained in spiritual matters and obtain exhilaration and life. This will become the cause of diffusing the fragrances and the motive-power of the promulgation of the Word of God.

His Honor, Mirza Aga Taraz, and Ali Akbar are two blessed souls, and they are the cause of happiness to the heart of ‘Abdu’l-Baha. It as assured that they will become assisted in the universal services, and in the Kingdom of Abha they will shine and gleam like unto the morning star.

Upon ye be the Glory of God! 

(Signed) ‘Abdu’l-Baha Abbas
(Star of the West, vol. 1, no. 11, September 27, 1910)