September 18, 2013

"O thou daughter of the Kingdom!"

…Ere long the regions of the West will become the dawning-places of the East, and the Sun of Truth will shine in such wise that the darkness of ignorance will be dispelled. But a large multitude of people will arise against you, showing oppression, expressing contumely and derision, shunning your society, and heaping upon you ridicule. However, the Heavenly Father will illumine you to such an extent that, like unto the rays of the sun, you shall scatter the dark clouds of superstition, shine gloriously in the midst of Heaven and illumine the face of the earth. You must make firm the feet at the time when these trials transpire, and demonstrate forbearance and patience. You must withstand them with the utmost love and kindness; consider their oppression and persecution as the caprice of children, and do not give any importance to whatever they do. For at the end the illumination of the Kingdom will overwhelm the darkness of the world and the exaltation and grandeur of your station will become apparent and manifest; nothing will remain hidden. If the light remains in the depth of the well, ere long its shining will appear on the summit of the hill. The small ones will become great, the powerless powerful, the babes will become the children of the Kingdom, and the wanderers reach the Divine native land of the Father. Rest ye assured. 
(‘Abdu’l-Baha, extract from a Tablet, Star of the West, vol. 1, no. 10, September 8, 1910)